WiMAX Technology Services

ANS is a leading Internet service provider which owns a comprehensive and proven WiMAX technology that delivers high speed broadband Internet access in Afghanistan. ANS’s Wimax Infrastructure is built on industry based standards acquiring both 802.16d (fixed) and 802.16e (mobility) as the last mile solution with a strong core network connecting to multiple Tier-1 International uplink providers as backbone ensuring the delivery of the utmost quality service for fast , secure, redundant and reliable Internet access.

Significantly with the modern WiMAX technology in operation, ANS leads in promoting a service satisfaction management committing to a full 24x7x365 customer support system and a cost effective package solution that fulfills the requirement of all business size and range.

Dedicated Link Connectivity Services

ANS extends its service packages delivering Dedicated Wireless Access solutions over a licensed Microwave link to meet the demands of enterprise businesses with mission critical connectivity requirement. This is supported by Industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) designed to gain the desired productivity outputs maximizing its investment. ANS has made available multiple services for our Enterprise businesses.

  • E1/Leased Lines: Single E1 is dedicated connectivity with a 2Mbps capacity pipe. This is required for dedicated, long distance or highly exclusive data paths for real-time applications like Banking, Airlines, Security services, etc. An E1 can accommodate 30 PSTN (telephone) lines. When a corporation or business needs to manage their telephone communication via PBX, E1 is the best solution for this purpose. ANS can manage requirements for nationwide demand.
  • Point to Point / Multipoint Data Link : All types of enterprises, including Banks & Financial institutes, Airlines, Security & Defense agencies, etc. require real-time live connectivity among themselves; in such a mission critical scenario, ANS provides dedicated Point to Point /Multipoint connectivity for short campus-wide coverage, or up to nationwide distance coverage. For Point-to-Point/Point-to-Multipoint services we can offer Canopy, Cisco and other solutions.


Prepaid WiFi Services

ANS is expanding a Prepaid WiFi service to key venues targeting the general consumers from small businesses to personal use providing the experience and freedom to access the Internet via this solution. ANS is focused in delivering a WIFI service on the fly with value for cost and link accessibility in mind. Consumers having existing WIFI capable & compatible equipment can easily subscribe to ANS WIFI internet solution. The coverage will depend to its growing availability from City blocks, Hotels, Campuses, Camps, Guesthouses, Housing, Estates, Residential Compounds, Cafes, Restaurants, Airports and Shopping Malls and other public types of establishments.

ANS delivers WiFi services to commercial, urban, and suburban locations, using Altai WiFi Base stations, it is a world leading WiFi outdoor access point technology optimized for maximum coverage from minimum number of installation sites. Our state of the art equipment can cover more than 1Km per site. Customers are able to roam around coverage area using built in WiFi radio/adaptors of mobile devices, including Laptops, PDA and smart phones with auto-connected Internet services without the hassle of connecting or tethering additional devices. ANS provides customized solutions to meet your requirements and style.

ANS offers a multiple service package to support all kinds of businesses. Please, consult our offering plan on the Offer section or contact our Sales team.