pioneer ISP & ICT service provider in Afghanistan

A wide range of packages and solution to meet the all requirements of our clients. Founded in 2007 as the first Broadband licensed ISP in Afghanistan, starting with Wimax and moving swiftly into dedicated Microwave and Fiber internet services.

ANS quickly established itself as the leading Internet Service Provider in Afghanistan with a presence in most major cities and plans to roll out still further. Today, ANS is the preferred ISP for most of the Banks and Ministries in Kabul, a fact that confirms the reliability of our service.

ANS provides a full set of Internet packages and IT services to major institutions (both government and non-government) and large commercial establishments throughout Afghanistan who require stable, orderly and secured connectivity with IT infrastructure.

The ANS infrastructure design and intensive preparation are implemented by dedicated in-house IT professionals and out of country leading consultants. To achieve a high level of reliability and performance, ANS continuously develops its network infrastructure. Our pioneering spirit is evidenced by the creation of a countrywide network, that covers all regions of Afghanistan: independent radio microwave links, terrestrial fiber backbones, world-class satellite earth station facilities.


Our Team

ANS has a staff of more than 100 personnel based in our offices in Afghanistan. Our technical department is led by Afghan nationals and consultants from different parts of the World. We acknowledged that company have to employ senior IT staff with an internationally recognized computer science or associated qualifications and all our senior technical staff are extremely proficient in network management, routing and all the Internet Service Provider technical functions. ANS is a domestic company and we are developing the skill set of our local staff in house and now have some of the finest technicians in the country. With 95% of our staff being Afghan nationals we feel that ANS is doing its best to ensure the long-term sustainability of the company in the region and meeting the Government of Afghanistan’s requirement for private sector companies to employ Afghan nationals.

Mission and Vision

Our mission at ANS is to build our professional team, infrastructure and networks which will facilitate the social and economic growth of Afghanistan, within the development goals of the Government of Afghanistan. To ensure that communications are brought to rural and urban areas alike at affordable rates. Our vision is an Afghanistan connected to the all part of the world as an equal, able to relish all the financial and social benefits of sate of art internet connectivity.


  • Largest data infrastructure blended with state-of-the-art Microwave and Fiber Technology
  • ANS has access to over 1000 operational Microwave/Fiber links throughout Afghanistan
  • Direct Tier-1 access from Afghanistan to our Internet upstream going through Pakistan, Tajikistan and Fujairah having the largest backbone network through microwave terrestrial, fiber and submarine cable for international routing
  • With many BTS throughout Afghanistan, we can provide Point-to-Point (PTP) and Point-to-multi-Point (PTMP) Microwave links with a wide coverage and capacity delivery by various last mile solutions to our clients
  • Provision for distribution of static public IP and private IP (by DHCP) based on customer requirements
  • State-of-the-art Network Operation Center (NOC). Provides 24 hours a day, 365 days a year around, monitoring services and operation support to our customers. It ensures the uptime of our ISP services to minimize the impact to customer businesses
  • ANS Microwave and Fiber Optic Backbone is built as per International Standards and provides the WiMAX certified award-winning equipment.
  • The most secure and reliable MW and fiber optic network in the region. End-to-End encryption standards that meet or exceed those required by western government, military, banking & data center clients, making it the most secure fiber optic network in the region.
  • ADVANTAGES OF ANS MW and FIBER OPTIC NETWORK- its Fully Encrypted and Fully Secure - Gives you peace of mind with regard to the protection of your internet traffic and data.
  • Unmatched Capacity — You ask for it, we have it. ANS MW & IP Network is unmatched by any other network in Afghanistan or Central Asia with regard to capacity, security, reliability, and flexibility.
  • IP base cloud — Provides multiple options such as “Virtualized Networks” for IT personnel to manage their network. Provision of public IP addresses to have more flexibility in remote monitoring. The Internet provided by ANS will be unrestricted and will fully support VPN/ and other network protocols.